Math 350, Sections 01 and 03, Fall 2021

Groups, Rings, and Fields

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Text: D.Saracino, Abstract Algebra: A First Course,
second edition, Waveland Press 2008

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Homework: Reading and Problem Sets
Problem Set Rules
Weekly Checklists

Handouts, etc.
(in PDF format; view and/or print with Adobe Acrobat)
Some of these are handouts from class.
If you lost any of yours, you can get them here.
Others were not handed out in class and are only available here.
Syllabus (Course Info): Section 01
Syllabus (Course Info): Section 03
Gradescope Instructions
(Submitting Homework)
Reminders about Sets and Proofs
Optional Handout: Definition Practice
Review Packet for Midterm Exam 1
Solutions to Practice Problems for Midterm Exam 1
Solutions to Midterm Exam 1, Section 01
Solutions to Midterm Exam 1, Section 03
Optional Handout: Group Actions
Optional Handout: Cauchy's Theorem
Optional Handout: Group Automorphisms
Review Packet for Midterm Exam 2
Solutions to Practice Problems for Midterm Exam 2
Optional Handout: Other Group Theory Topics, from Sections 13-15
Solutions to Midterm Exam 2, Section 01
Solutions to Midterm Exam 2, Section 03
Optional Handout: A Theorem on Norms

Exam Information
Midterm 1 Wednesday, October 6, in class
Midterm 2 Friday, November 12, in class
Take-Home Final Exam

Due Thursday, December 16, 2021
at 11:59pm ET on gradescope

Solutions to the Final Exam