Problem Set Rules for Math 350
Sections 01 and 03, Fall 2021

General Rules

1. Each problem set comes with a clearly marked due date and time. It must be submitted to Gradescope by that time.
Remember to allow at least 10 minutes to upload and tag your problem set.

2. If you miss the Gradescope deadline for submitting your assignment, you may email me and attach a scan of the assignment --- Gradescope will be closed to submissions after the deadline --- but the grade for that assignment will be marked down:

up to 19 hours late, at which point the grade is a zero. (But even then you should still submit it, to keep your Effort grade from taking a hit, too.)

SUGGESTION: Get every problem set submitted early. Any time you cut things close, you're risking missing the deadline.

Obviously, exceptions to the above penalties can be made in cases of serious illness, family emergency, religious conflict (provided you notify me at least 3 days in advance), or other comparably significant conflicts. Network/tech issues also usually qualify, except when you wait until just a few minutes before the deadline to submit your work.

Please note:

3. Besides serious conflicts as in item 2 above, you may also take up to two extensions all semester. Each extension can be for up to 48 hours. To receive one of your two extensions, you must request it (by email, during office hours, or during an appointment) no later than 4pm ET on the due date. You also must have been attending class (at least twice a week) and handing in homework on time in the recent past.

Formatting and Collaboration Rules

1. Write legibly.

2. You must ``tag'' your problems on Gradescope, which means marking which page(s) each problem's solution appears on.

3. You may collaborate on homework. However:

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