Math 345, Fall 2017

Functions of a Complex Variable

General Information

Rob Benedetto
Office: Seeley Mudd 403
Phone: 8562
Email: rlbenedetto at amherst dot edu
Office Hours: Monday, 1-3pm
Tuesday, 2-3pm
Thursday, 2-3pm
or by appointment
Class Meetings: MWF 10-10:50 AM, Merrill 403
Tu 10-10:50 AM, Seeley Mudd 207
Text: Gamelin, Complex Analysis,
Springer, 2001
(or corrected 2003 printing)
Problem Sets
Problem Set Rules

Handouts, etc.
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Most of these are handouts from class.
If you lost any of yours, you can get them here.
Others (like the solutions to tests)
were not handed out in class and are only available here.
Course Info/Syllabus (From Day One)
Path-Independence for Homotopic Paths
Solutions to Selected Problems, PS #3-6
Midterm Exam 1 (Take-home)
Solutions to Midterm Exam 1
Solution to Exercise V.2 #9
Solutions to Selected Problems, PS #7-9
Review Sheet for Midterm Exam 2
Practice Problems for Midterm Exam 2
Solutions to Practice Problems for Midterm Exam 2
Midterm Exam 2
Solutions to Midterm Exam 2
Some Comments on Exercise VII.5 #6
Final Exam (Take-Home)
Solutions to the Final Exam

Exam Dates
Midterm 1 Take-home:
Handed out Wednesday, October 18, in class
Due Wednesday, October 25, START of class
Midterm 2 Friday, December 1, in class
Final Due Thursday, Dec 21
1 pm SHARP