Problem Set Rules for Math 211, Section 01
Fall 2017

General Rules

1. All problem sets are due IN CLASS, AT THE START OF CLASS.

2. The grade for a late problem set will be marked down:

Obviously, exceptions to the above penalties can be made in cases of serious (and documented) illness, family emergency (confirmed by a dean), religious conflict (provided you notify me at least 3 days in advance), or other comparably significant conflicts.

Please note:

3. Besides serious conflicts as in item 2 above, you may also take up to two extensions all semester. Each extension can be until the start of the next class meeting at the latest. To receive one of your two extensions, you must request it (by email, phone, or in person) no later than 7pm the day before the problem set is due, and you must attend class on time on both the original due date and the new due date. You also must have been attending class and handing in homework on time in the recent past.

4. Any student who hands in fewer than 50 homework problems over the course of the semester on time (i.e., by the start of class on the due date, or by the start of the next class for an extended problem set) automatically FAILS THE COURSE, regardless of exam grades.

Formatting and Collaboration Rules

1. Your name must be written on all sheets handed in.

2. Problem solutions must be written out in the order they were assigned.

3. Write legibly.

4. Multiple pages must be stapled or clipped together. No dog ears.

5. Leave margins on all four sides of the paper, and never write in the corner where the staple/clip is going to go.

6. You may collaborate on homework. However:

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